Relaxation Time

It’s difficult to get used to but now I am on long term disability. Of course I can return to work when I get better but it appears that will take a long time to the bewilderment of the doctors. They cannot fix what they cannot diagnose.

I am trying to spread out the bi- weekly transfusions but feel somewhat listless. As soon as my medication ended for my mouth’s cold sores, two days later I started getting them again. So back to the magic mouthwash for comfort.

The weather is getting colder so I am dressing up nice and warm.

I am glad I am not working. When this is all over with my age nearing 60 or more I would not be hired by too many people anyway.

Retirement came soon.

What I do not miss in the service industry is the mental preparation I would endure to get ready for the shift.

Whether it was going to be a slow or busy night I had to be ready like every night was a busy night. I left anything that was bothering in the car. I made sure I had enough mise en place for the shift. Clearly thinking, I wanted to be 100% in control.

When I worked on the ships every meal service was “showtime.”

Waiting on tables takes a lot of physical and mental energy. Now that I do not do it anymore I do not miss it.

That part of my life is over. What I do to keep busy are odd chores, lots of reading, and cook dinner for our boys.

The days go fast by. It’s too bad I haven’t any diagnosis of what it is that I have.

Right now what I really enjoy is watching the hockey on Saturday night.

You gotta appreciate each day and the little things. Especially for me. The little things keep everything in perspective.

1992 in Monte Carlo