Not What We Thought

Well after a year everyone has figured out the spleen has to go. For nine months they thought I needed a bone marrow transplant but lo and behold the last bone marrow biopsy showed the marrow is full of healthy blood cells.

I mentioned way back in February that it probably was my spleen. Oh no they thought because my blood results couldn’t tell them what I had. Well if your spleen is almost 3 times the normal size and it’s not letting the liver do it’s job it probably appeared more obvious to me than them. I don’t know.

Was supposed to have the surgery the 18th but they bumped me back to the 25th cause some people needed surgery more than I did. Oh well, I hope that was a one off.

Now despite being away from work on disability it does feel a bit like retirement. Physically I would like to do more things but I find if I do a few things I can hardly wait to rest.

The other night there was an open house for kids entering high school. I took my son and it lasted for 2 1/2 hours. It was well organized. The only thing I found was about halfway through I just wanted to go home. My back is out cause of the seats and thank heavens touch wood I didn’t catch anything. I can feel the hemoglobin low.

Now you think cause I have been off work for almost 7 months I would be itching to get back. Not really. So I am thinking why does a retired person want to keep working anyway? In their whole life haven’t they come up with an interest or hobby they would like to pursue?

At this present time I am voraciously reading books that are really interesting to me. Would I rather be working than reading a good book? Hmmm..

You know what I think it is that I never worked for only the money. At the end I was physically no good anyway so the money wouldn’t have mattered.

If you read my book you will notice it was always about the life experience. Switzerland, England, cruise ships, Jasper in the Rockies etc..Did I make scads of money? Not in your life!

Some people want to wait till they retire. I get it. Then what would happen if I waited. Here I am 3 weeks before my 59th birthday and I go for transfusions every 2 weeks. Hopefully the spleen’s removal will release all the good cells.

So I am content and really settled.

Let me say this as this may come as a surprise. All those places I went to in the book were never on my bucket list. I never thought in school about seeing the pyramids. A friend and I decided to go to Europe one day sitting on his balcony. Our budget was $15 a day.

Never would I have been able to afford the air fare or cared to put it on a credit card to go. It would have taken me months if not years to pay it off. I remember buying some furniture and television when I moved into an apartment at age 24. Took me 12 monthly payments to pay it off.

So I had nice furniture no life.

What got me to those places was the excitement of the work experience which happened to take me to some cool places. I got really good.

It’s all about knowledge. I guess if I had Facebook back then everyone would have got sick of 12 photos of a different place everyday. I don’t know.

So what I did was live on limited possesions. Just a suitcase and my books most of the time.

So in ending this blah blah post just remember put the life experience before the money. You will be happier. Do it for yourself cause no one else will give a shit what you do.

In the end I bumped into a wonderful wife and 2 great boys. Didn’t see that happening either.

The wife wants to go to Paris so we should do that when this is over. That’s about it and see our kids grow.

That’s all over and out.

Published by

Steven Nicolle

Having endured a splenectomy on March 1st I am now in battle with these abnormal T-cells. Taking chemotherapy pills to get well in this form of non-hodgkin's lymphoma. My iron is high from all the transfusions but since the spleen has come out feeling much better. So the battle continues but we are winning I believe!

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