What’s The Hurry?

Since I have been on sick leave from work for close to two months I have noticed a few changes in myself and things happening around me. At the same time it has helped me understand why retired people act the way they do and for good reason.

You see when I was employed what  I did during the day revolved around work. I worked as a waiter in the evening so during the day I would rush around to get things done then hopefully have a bit of time to rest before my shift started. Now that I do not work I do not have to rush as much similar to a retired person.

Two things I have to say that I have noticed since I stopped working.

One is I eat a lot slower. Whereas once I was always quick to eat now everyone has finished and I am still at the table chewing longer and taking bigger gaps before the next mouthful.

The second thing I have noticed are the drivers. I was always one if I missed an exit or made a wrong turn sure I would get a bit choked at myself but I would never try to make a U-Turn in the middle of traffic to save a minute. In a span of 15 minutes I saw a car try to make a U-Turn in the middle of downtown and stop short of slamming into a right of way oncoming car. Just after that on a left turn I saw another car pull the same stunt. Why do people for the sake of saving a minute try to kill themselves or others instead of just going to the next street and turning around and doing it safely?

But now I know why retired drivers drive slower and can get on everyone’s nerves. It is because they are not in a hurry like the working folk. That explains why I tend to now drive more relaxed and less of a hurry.

So I eat slower and drive more relaxed. Therefore I have more patience with experiences that are delayed. They do not bother me at all. If I go to a restaurant I am there to enjoy it rather than hurry with my meal and get out.

In the old countries they take their time doing things. No hurry it will get done. Maybe not today but it will get done.

I like that way. Rather than wait to retire or be away from work for a couple of weeks vacation we should all live like this. Just take it easy.

What’s the hurry?






Published by

Steven Nicolle

Having endured a splenectomy on March 1st I am now in battle with these abnormal T-cells. Taking chemotherapy pills to get well in this form of non-hodgkin's lymphoma. My iron is high from all the transfusions but since the spleen has come out feeling much better. So the battle continues but we are winning I believe!

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