My New Blog

With the deletion of my former blog entitled “waiterextraordinaire” I have come up with a new blog. This is it!

Since I am a waiter no more, due to an indefinite amount of time on sick leave, I have started this blog so I can talk about different things and thoughts that come into my head. It was getting harder just to talk only about the restaurant industry.

I will talk about that once in a while of course because after 38 years how can one totally ignore it but I plan on talking about these trips to the hospital and also some other thoughts that spring to my head.

So stay tuned. I will try to post every day.




Published by

Steven Nicolle

Having endured a splenectomy on March 1st I am now in battle with these abnormal T-cells. Taking chemotherapy pills to get well in this form of non-hodgkin's lymphoma. My iron is high from all the transfusions but since the spleen has come out feeling much better. So the battle continues but we are winning I believe!

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